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Getting the TestComplete 10 Installed and Updating the Licenses on the Excisting License Server

I did an install of the new TestComplete 10 last week. And it has been pointed out to me, that some of the Smartbear documentation is a bit off, or unnecessary. i even might create some confusion.
So here I will give you my way to getting the TestComplete 10 upgrade to being a success..

So here is a short procedure for getting TestComplete 10 running for you. Anyway. This is what I did.
  • Logon to "MySmartBear" and download your TestComplete 10.
    • (Home > My SmartBear Account > Version Details)
  • Install this on your license server for handling license activation.
    • This is best done from the server I think. Because you don't have to move them to the license server after activation.
  • Install Testcomplete 10 and initiate the "License Activation Wizard" on your license server
    • This is easier from the server. Because you do not have to look for networking issues if failing
  • Enter your values and the license number. (Copy and Past from the web is a treat) And click [Next]
    • (Now. As far as I remember, The license activation wizard gave a reply indicating a success. However, this part is undocumented with pictures. Sorry...)
  • Go on to your Sentinel license server [http://localhost:1947/_int_/products.html] and verify you licenses are working.
As you can see. Mine are working just fine.
And just for fun, my Sentinel version.
And My TestComplete 10 About box.
I hope this was helpfull :-) I not? Then give me a ping via LinkedIn