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Handy littel feature when testing "major" changes to the OS.

When testing and installer or perhaps a change of display language. The RebootAndContinue possibility is very handy when used with persistant project variable for keeping track of the tests state. It is found in TestComplete's aqEnvironment.
I simply stops the test, reboots the machine and continues the test from where it left. Very cool.

Here is a small usage example in javascript:

function RebootAndContinueTest()
aqEnvironment.RebootAndContinue("[ScriptFileName].[functionName]", "[Password]", "[UserName]", "[Domain]");

This makes you capable of rebooting test system under test for having the changes requireing log off or reboot of the system.
You do have to use this this with persistant project variables. but they come in very handy in the combination. Due to their capability of holding the value during reboot or test termination.