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Test Complete Integration with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

- Yes, it is possible to create automated tests in TestComplete for your application and execute these tests when building the application by TFS means.

- Yes, it is possible to create manual Tests in TestComplete (even based on your acceptance tests, as I believe it is possible to extract the contents of acceptance tests from TFS via some code) and execute then them manually (as the name implies).

- Yes, it is possible to post issues to TFS directly from TestComplete.

- Yes, it is possible to Check-in/check-out test code to/from TFS directly from TestComplete.

- No, TestComplete cannot automatically automate your acceptance tests - you'll have to do this yourself.

- No, it is not possible to link automated tests to your acceptance tests so that when you start some acceptance test the corresponding automated test is executed instead. But probably it is possible to create a code that will mark the acceptance test as passed/failed according to the results of the corresponding automated test. However, personally I do not see any reason for this as you can organize your TestComplete tests (both Manual and automated) using TestItems means (build-in functionality of TestComplete) into Acceptance, Smoke, Full Functional, Performance, etc. groups and execute them according to your needs. Even from within TFS during the build.

This was taken from the TestComplete forum. But so useful knowledge that I wanted to post it here. The original post is located here: