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Windows 10 Command Prompt Shortcuts

Here are 10 usefulle Windows 10 Command Prompt Shortcuts.

1. Launching and Managing Command Prompt
Win+R, then type 'cmd' Run Windows Command Promt
Win+X, then C Start Command Prompt via Power User Commands
Win+X, then A Start Command Prompt as Administrator via Power User Commands
type 'exit' Exit Command Prompt
Alt+Enter Switch to full-screen mode. Press again to exit full-screen mode
2. Select Text (Expanded with Windows 10)
Ctrl+A Select all text in line (press again to select all text in CMD including complete screen buffer)
Shift+Arrow Left / Arrow Right Extend selection by on character to the left / to the right
Shift+Control+Arrow Left / Arrow Right Extend selection by on word to the left / to the right
Shift+Arrow Up / Shift+Arrow Down Extend selection by one line down / one line up
Shift+Home Extend selection to beginning of command. Press again to include the path (e.g. C:\Windows) into selection
Shift+End Extend selection to the end of the current line
Ctrl+Shift+Home / End Extend selection to the beginning/ to the end of screen buffer
Shift+Page Up / Shift+{Page Down Extend selection one page up one page down
3. Copy and Paste (Expanded with Windows 10)
Ctrl+C Copy Text
Ctrl+V Paste Text
As of now, there seems to be no 'cut' option in Windows 10
4. Navigate Text
Home / End Jump to beginning, jump to end of the line
Ctrl+Arrow Left / Arrow Right Jump to next / jump to previous Word
Ctrl+Arrow Up / Arrow Down Scroll screen up / Scroll screen down
5. Enter and Manipulate Text
Ctrl+Backspace Delete word left to the Cursor
F2, then a…z From current cursor position , delete up to letter selected
Tab Autocomplete Folder Name
Escape Clear current line
Ins Toggle Insert Mode
Ctrl+End Delete from cursor position to end of line
Ctrl+Home Delete from cursor position to beginning of line
Ctrl+Z Signal end of Line; text afterwards will be ignored
6. Recall Commands
Arrow Up / Arrow Down Scroll through previously used commands
Arrow Right (or F1) Type previous command character by character. Press and hold works too.
F2, then a…z Re-type previous command up to letter selected
F3 Repeat previous Command
F7 Show history of prevoius commands
Alt+F7 Clear Command History
F8 Move backwards in command history for commands matching current command