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Test Design

Ending a test in Model Based Testing with GraphWalker

When modeling is might not always be the best implementation of the model to force all the test to end in the same state. (But is it more manageable to model with this thought in mind.)
Sometime the test need to stop when a specific condition arises.
A stop-condition, is a stop criteria for a given generator. It will halt the generation of a test sequence when the given criteria is reached.
GraphWalker support the following stop conditions.

DSTB Conference and answering a question in detail. BVA as a model.

Yesterday I spoke at DSTB yearly conference. It was a great day, and I talked to a lot of great testers. Luckily I also got some got feedback on my presentation about Model Based Testing (link Supplied in the bottom of this blog post).

I also received a question about modelling a Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) test as a model. Even though I gave a for filling answer in my session. I found the need to post it here.

Decision Table Testing

A decision table is a tool for both testing and requirements development. They are essentially structured with the purpose to formulate requirements when dealing with complex “business” rules/logic.

A Take on the Software Testing Pesticide Paradox

What is the Pesticide Paradox? Why do you need to take it so serious? How to avoid it?
Very, very, very often, it not always. The same tests are repeated sprint after sprint, or test iteration after test iteration or release after release. It seems to be a conscious choice to ignore the fact that bugs are most often found with having variance in the testing.